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Welcome to Express Dash!

Instant payment, no Browser mining!

Your earnings goes directly to your Faucethub account.

Dear Our users, as many of you notice the payout change probably from claim to claim, now our payout is auto depond of our income and the price of coins in market! have nice Claim with us!

In order to decrease robot collector in our faucet, we change our way for payout to provide that you are human!
Follow the steps!
Follow the steps!

Balance: 4.7E-7 Dash

67 DASHies every 3 minutes

*** Step One:
You will received your claim 67 DASHies once you complet the ->Short Link<- to provide you are humain.

FAUCET DISABLED. Go to admin page and fill all required data!

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We are new faucet starting from October 20, 2017

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